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Aloe Berry Nectar 90.7%

Aloe Berry Nectar FLP No. 34
Base price per Liter: 37,20 €
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Product number: ForeverLivingAloeVera.734
Manufacturer: Forever Living Products Germany GmbH, Schloss Freiham, Freihamer Allee 31, 81249 München, Deutschland
Expiration Date: 11/2024
Datasheet : PDF ICON

Halal Products IASC Certification Kosher Certificate Gluten-free Products

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar™ 90.7% aloe vera gel combined with the benefits of cranberries and apples

- Without preservatives
- High vitamin C content: one glass (150ml) covers 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel {Aloe Vera Gel (90.7%), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Natural Apple Juice Concentrate (4%), Fructose, Natural Cranberry Concentrate (2%) }

A refreshing combination of the valuable nutrients of aloe vera with the benefits of natural apple and cranberry juice concentrate. The fruity-fresh drink contains 90.7% stabilized aloe vera gel, is rich in vitamin C and has no added preservatives. The vitamin C it contains helps to reduce tiredness and makes Forever Aloe Berry Nectar an ideal source of energy, which is also very popular among children.

The aloe vera juice with cranberry and apple flavor is vegan, gluten-free, has both the Islamic and the Kosher seal and is not tested on animals.

Content: 1 litre

Recommended consumption - aloe vera drinking cure with aloe berry nectar

Drink up to 100 ml or 1 ml per kilograms of body weight of aloe vera drinking gel daily about 30 minutes before breakfast or before meals throughout the day.
A noticeable effect is usually felt after about six weeks. For an aloe vera drinking cure, we recommend taking it for at least three months.
Before use, the bottle should be swirled around (not shaken) and stored in a cool place after opening.

More information about Aloe Vera drinking gel, storage, intake etc. can be found on this page.

Note: The product should be kept out of the reach of small children.

Forever Aloe Vera Juice Aloe Berry Nectar - Information on production and tested quality

The Forever Aloe Berry Nectar™ (FLP734) or drinking gel from Forever Living Products has been certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certified. The IASC is an association of manufacturers and distributors of aloe vera products that sets quality standards for the manufacture of aloe vera products. A special process is required to stabilize the more than 200 proven nutrients in this plant during production.

In their gentle, US-patented manufacturing process, no temperature, pressure or chemical additives are used. Thus, a large number of the plant substances contained in the aloe leaves are preserved. These natural substances in the aloe vera gel give you the opportunity to enrich your diet with important vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plant substances that can increase your well-being.

The aloe vera drink presented here has an aloe content of around 91% and gets the fruity taste of natural cranberry and apple aroma.

Datasheet : Aloe Berry Nectar 90.7% (PDF) -> Open in a new window.

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37,20 €

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Base price per Liter: 37,20 €
Contents: 1 Liter
37,20 €

incl. 19 % VAT, excl. Shipping costs

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Contents: 1 Liter
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