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Detergents, cosmetics, animal care, samples, and more information about the Forever Aloe Vera products are available here exclusively for you, our customers, at NaturLex
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Large selection of Aloe Vera products

Our product range is wide-ranging and is not limited to body care and dietary supplements. If you are new to novice or beginner in the field of moisturizing aloe vera products, it is initially recommended to order small packaged samples of the original products first, so you do not have to waste anything if you do not like the product should. However, if you fall in love with the product, like most of our customers, you can still reorder the product in its original size. If you want to make a loved one happy, the samples are also good to give away.

Our selection of samples

  • Gelly, the aloe vera skin gel with a whopping 85 percent of the Forever Company's pure aloe vera gel.
  • The Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, a moisturizer with 36 percent pure aloe vera gel of the Forever plantations
  • The Forever Bright Toothgel, the aloe vera toothpaste with Enzymes that whiten teeth and not something that looks like emery paper.
  • The Forever Aloe Propolis Creme, which can also prevent calluses to soften and soften Have hands and feet.
  • The Aloe MSM Gel is a body gel with organic sulfur, which quickly penetrates and supports the connective tissue.

Aloe Vera cleanser

Not even in cosmetics, it stops with the active ingredient-rich aloe vera plant as the main ingredient. You can also take advantage of the power of the aloe vera gel in the household while brushing the Aloe MPD 2x Ultra, an effective all-purpose cleaner from Forever. The applications range with this cleaning agent almost infinite. This double-concentrated all-purpose cleaner, unlike conventional cleaning agents, works without unnecessary water. Only at home, you mix the concentrate with regular tap water and do not have to pay for this a lot of money, nor do you have to lug around the then unnecessarily heavy detergent bottles. The liquid cleaner has a subtle scent, is highly concentrated, but still rich. You can throw away all your cleaners, empty your closet, or even the cabinet with all your cleaning supplies, since you will need only one remedy from now on. You can use the cleaning agent for your laundry, undiluted as a stain remover, cleaning your car, any tiles in the home, even to clean the carpets, the windows, the entire bathroom, as a general cleaner and also for the dishes. Only in the dishwasher you should not use this all-purpose cleaner because it foams too much. Another big plus of this cleaner is that the detergent surfactants are biodegradable according to OECD Test Method 301 D, which means that this product is also environmentally friendly to all other benefits. The cleaning agent also comes without any ingredients from animal origin and absolutely without phosphates. Although the Aloe MPD is so effective, it is gentle on your skin with its mild formula and gentle on the delicate fibers of your lingerie. Thanks to the stabilized aloe vera you get spectacular cleansing power without any bleaching.

Instructions for dosing in different applications

In the universal application, ie for windows, floors, bathroom, fittings, the kitchen, dishes (only handwash!), Tiles, carpets, the car from the inside as well as from the outside, you can apply the cleaning agent worry-free. For this or similar purpose, use only 30 ml of MPD and dilute with 4 liters of water. The MPD Detergent dissolves stains, dirt and grease without scratching any valuable surfaces.

In the household, the Forever Aloe MPD also serves its purpose. Just put a little bit of the remedy on a sponge and use it to purify the carpet as part of an annual spring cleaning, after a somewhat too wild party or when the little children cause stains again.

To wash your laundry you only have to use between 10 ml and 15 ml (depending on the hardness of the water) of the Aloe MPD by Forever and then wash the laundry at 30 ° to 90 ° C. For heavy soiling, just apply a little undiluted MPD detergent to the soiled areas, leave to work for a short time and then wash as usual. The stains will disappear as if by magic. In addition, observe how an effective foam is created during the washing process of your laundry. The laundry will be clean and cuddly soft after drying.

Aloe Vera animal care spray

The Aloe Veterinary Formula from Forever proves that the strong aloe vera plant does not give up even in the care of our beloved four-legged friends. This care spray for our pets, such as dogs and cats but also for larger animals such as horses or similar ensures that the coat is healthier and thus also shines more. Not only is Veterinary Formula specifically designed to care for our heartfelt animal compatriots, it can also be used for cleaning and protection. Just after you have washed your pet, spray the fur of the quadruped with the care spray to achieve the desired effect. Dilute the spray, for example, by taking a damp cloth and adding a little of the spray to clean the ears and eyes of your fur noses. The care and cleaning spray contains 80% pure aloe vera gel in symbiotic combination with the valuable allantoin. Thanks to the spray head, the application of the veterinary spray is absolutely hygienic for humans, but also for the animals. Therefore, one and the same bottle can be used for several animals at the same time, without having to worry about anything. Since the spray head does not come into contact with the animal, diseases, fleas or the like can not be transmitted via the spray from animal to animal. How to protect yourself and your beloved fur noses.

NaturLex Tip: Use the spray in diluted form, even if your animal has tired, or slightly irritated eyes, to calm and at the same time to care for them.

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