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Aloe vera drinks

The Aloe Vera is known to most as a fast-growing plant without extensive care and especially large claims. Its contained mucus-like gel, which emerges at the incision of its thickish leaves, has been said to have a particularly healing effect for many centuries. In countries like India, which rely on the power and efficacy of naturopathy, the plant has always enjoyed a high reputation. There it is used for different purposes, which is why the plant is primarily considered a medicinal plant. And not only among primitive peoples, but also in our modern society. NaturLex will tell you more about the wonder plant aloe vera and its precious gel.

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An extraordinary plant

Although it looks more like a cactus in appearance, it belongs to the lily family. It has its origins in sunny African desert regions. Meanwhile, it is grown everywhere, where mild winters meet long hot summers. There are about 300 species of the lightly prickly plant. For optimal growth, it needs lots of sun, warm temperatures and little water. This makes them very easy to care for and allows us to breed them in our living rooms.
Their leaves are, depending on growth conditions, thick-fleshed and bordered by short white spines, which rarely lead to injuries when touched. When the leaves are cut open, a clear gelatinous gel is released. The leaves consist of bark, juice and gel. The bark is proven to contain toxins, so it is not recycled and peeled off after harvest. The juice, which is located between the gel and the bark, contains the active ingredient aloin, which is sometimes used successfully in doses in case of constipation. The gel of the plant is used both for internal and external application. It contains a large part of water and important substances such as salicylic acid, which is considered to be anti-inflammatory.

Natural, vegetable, strong

Only very few of their species actually contain health-promoting ingredients. One of the main active ingredients of the plant is acemannan. This is a long-chain sugar molecule that is no longer produced in the human body at the end of puberty and therefore can only be supplied through the diet. The active ingredient Acemannan is said to strengthen the immune system and be good against allergies.

The characteristic of the plant gel is said to have a healing, analgesic and antibacterial effect. For stitches, wounds, skin irritation and lichens, it is therefore often taken unprocessed for external use.

The viscous gel is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, medical products and detergents. So we find the aloe vera in creams, shampoos, hair treatments and ointments, because it is considered to be particularly moisturizing. And their taste also convinced more and more followers, so that the plant is now used for the production of food. Thus, the plant has also established itself as an indispensable healthy stimulant.

Aloe Vera drinks: rich in vitamins and wholesome

The pain relieving and inflammatory gel of the plant is known to most consumers. However, many do not know that it can be enjoyed as a delicious drink as well. To make the unique soothing juice, the thick leaves are pressed to gain as much of the precious gel as possible. Sometimes the gel is also separated separately. The leaves are always peeled by hand. Thereafter, the strengthening juice is cold-pressed from the gel.
The gel can also be filtered out of the native plant at home on its own from the plant. For this purpose, the leaves are cut as close to the ground as possible and then placed upright in a vessel. Thus, first of all, the juice mixed with aloin can flow off. However, self-production is often discouraged, even from NaturLex. Because that really all important ingredients and vitamins are not lost, expert knowledge is absolutely necessary. Who wants to enjoy the juice of the plant pure, will perceive a strong bitter and rather inedible taste, which is typical of the aloe vera. Therefore, the tart-tasting juice is also preferably added with fruity aromas.

The Ingredients

The plant is rich in beneficial ingredients and has become indispensable in support of a health-conscious diet. Overall, it contains over 200 beneficial ingredients. Because of its many valuable active ingredients, it serves to prevent infections and to reduce immune-deficient germs. Overall, it is good for strengthening the immune system and general well-being. Much of their ingredients give the body power and energy.

Its key ingredients include vitamins.

  • The contained vitamin A strengthens our eyesight and counteracts a premature aging process. In addition, it promotes the elasticity of the daily stressed skin.
  • The plant also contains a lot of the B group vitamins. These are conducive to our metabolism, recharge the energy balance regularly and are necessary for cell formation.
  • The precious vitamin C is also part of the plant. It protects our body against diseases, combats cell-damaging free radicals and reliably strengthens our vulnerable immune system.
  • The vitamin E is also found in the plant. It regulates the processes in our organism, so that we can overcome all the challenges of everyday life again and again from new ones.

In addition to the vitamins, the plant contains vital and beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and sodium. And they also make the extracted juice so precious: enzymes and vegetable fatty acids. They are said to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Likewise, valuable amino acids are part of the vegetable juice. Amino acids have to be absorbed through food intake because they can not be produced by the body. They are indispensable for a smooth metabolism. Amino acids help with muscle growth, help to promote recovery processes, strengthen the nerves and stop an early aging process. The vegetable juice contains seven of a total of eight essential amino acids.

This makes the Aloe Vera juice an ideal supplement for a daily, healthy and balanced diet. Because all his active ingredients work together holistically in our human organism. All drinks in our shop contain these irreplaceable essential nutrients. We offer the drinks in different flavors. Enjoy the taste of nature with the unique touch of aloe vera.

Unbeatable Plant Power: The Benefits at a Glance

Aloe vera drinks do not work wonders and are not a magic potion that can alleviate all health problems or make sick cells healthy again. Nevertheless, the regular intake brings some positive aspects. It not only boosts the organism but also frees the body of toxins. Who decides to consume the drink, is doing himself and his health more than just a favor.

Our natural drink...

  • is refreshing and delivers a distinctive intense taste experience.
  • is free of the laxative active ingredient aloin.
  • is versatile edible and uniquely delicious in every variant offered.
  • Donates energy to stressful, exhausting and packed days.
  • strengthens long-term and constant physical well-being.
  • refreshes the overheated body from the inside in a pleasant way.
  • supports the self-healing powers of the body.
  • is beneficial for a good digestion.
  • invigorates and regulates the metabolism.
  • protects against diseases of the immune system or at least can help to prevent it.
  • can be used wonderfully for detoxification.
  • gives the overstrained skin new elasticity and fresh complexion.
  • is gastro-regulating and gentle on the stomach.
  • can compensate for a lack of vitamin balance and recharge the vitamin memory.
  • Helps with annoying allergies to alleviate the symptoms.
  • lowers cholesterol levels when taken regularly.
  • is a natural anti-inflammatory agent for internal inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.
  • It is often used to treat sore throats because it has a cool and soothing effect.
  • prevents infections.
  • is simply vitalizing!

Our drinks are good because aloe vera comes first and is not added. The natural tart taste is subtly offset with few natural flavors to make the drinking pleasure as enjoyable and inimitable as possible. Our drinks, which are all vegetable and gluten-free, ideally complement a lifestyle with balanced nutrition, adequate exercise and a satisfied mind and body awareness.

When taking, always observe our dosage recommendation. Get used to your body and your taste senses slowly and wisely to the new food. Our drinks are very rich. A few amounts a day, adjusted to your personal body weight, are already sufficient to sustain your health.

First class drinking pleasure - Our products

We offer a variety of drinks with the effective substances of the rich plant for an individual diet on a natural basis.

Real power drinks

Our juices for successful drinking cures and exclusive taste are suitable for strengthening physical fitness. Due to the many precious ingredients our teas, the musculoskeletal system and the joints help to keep you permanently agile and fit. In addition, you clean the body from the inside. The gel extracted from the plant leaves is enriched with mild stimulating fruit aromas and is full of energizing vitamins. We offer it in different delicious combinations. It always contains as much as possible of the pure gel. The concentration of herbal ingredients is almost unchanged with our gentle manufacturing process.

For example, our drinking gels are subtly flavored with a fine lime flavor, which ultimately accounts for only a very small proportion of the juice. The plant itself accounts for 98% of the beverage in some of our drinks, so the product stays close to its source and also gains a great unforgettable taste.

Our juices are also available with cranberry, peach or orange flavors. They are available in convenient 1 liter drinking cartons. Our juices hardly taste bitter and are therefore drinkable for everyone. They can be taken as a dietary supplement right before the usual drinking meals.

Tea for a leisurely break

In addition to our juices, we also offer a specially crafted tea blend from the delicate aloe flowers mixed with popular spices and herbs such as cinnamon, ginger, fennel and chamomile. The tea gives a taste experience without equal. Hereby health-conscious come fully at their expense.

Specially mixed drinks for extravagant connoisseurs

Innovative is our Energy Drink , with extracts from the plant's gel, numerous Herbs and fruity energy sources from the Amazon is mixed. The drink is a popular drinker and a great alternative to coffee and co.

Nature pure

Not everything that is plant-based must necessarily be healthy. However, the drinks with the high-quality gel of the Aloe Vera plant prove how much power and vitamins nature can supply us with their treasures. We can benefit from this in the long term for the benefit of our health and for improving our quality of life.