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Aloe Vera Eye Care - Wake up your eyes!

You do not want annoying wrinkles around the eyes or swollen dark circles? Then the Forever Livings Eye Creams are just the thing for you, because FLP has developed special products that maintain and hydrate especially sensitive eye areas due to the extremely high proportion of Aloe Vera. Thus, the aloe eye creams counteract wrinkles, dark circles and dry eye areas and serve not only for care, but also for protection. NaturLex will tell you more about it.

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Why should you even use an eye cream?

The first and clearest signs of aging appear around the eye area. Dark circles, swollen bags and with age even small and then larger and deeper wrinkles. Therefore, you can hardly start early enough with the care of the eye area and the anti-aging of the sensitive skin. The extremely thin skin around the eyes is much finer and more permeable than the rest of the facial skin, which is why this game tends to turn dark when tired or stressed. Therefore, it needs more and more intensive care here. The skin around the eyes can not naturally produce as much sebum as fats, like other spots on the skin. That's why dryness wrinkles can develop faster here. Here eye care creams can help out as they supply the skin around the eyes with plenty of moisture and fat.

Why can not the normal face cream also be used for the eyes?

Facial creams should not be used in the sensitive eye area. Traditional creams for the entire face are often too rich for the eyes or sometimes too strong with perfumes, which is why these creams are often rather bad for the sensitive eye area. They can do more damage than keeping the lot around the eyes useful and effective. The skin can not neatly or neatly absorb the nutrients of a conventional face cream and can cause unpleasant and simply nauseous swelling of the areas around the eyes.

Each cream also always moves around on the skin, because our face always moves, no matter whether we laugh and talk, or even just blink - the creams wander, which can be quite harmful to our conjunctiva. Eye cosmetics, on the other hand, are formulated in such a way that they do not migrate, or at least significantly less, remain fixed on the spot, so that they and the respective ingredients do not migrate into the sensitive eye.

How to actually use an eye cream?

Do not use too much of your eye cream. A very small amount, just the size of a single small pomegranate seed, is perfect enough to care for your eyes and provide enough moisture. Use your ring finger for gentle and careful massaging. You should use these fingers, as you can not even build up so much pressure with your ring fingers, such as with your forefingers, which can cause stress to the sensitive eye area again. Use your eye cream daily and disciplined in the morning as well as in the evening. First use any serums and apply the eye cream directly in front of the face cream to get the best possible effect of the valuable ingredients. If the eye cream does not move within minutes, you should use even less next time. In order to get the maximum effect of the eye cream, you should also use a special eye serum before you use your serum, which you should choose according to your needs and personal problems. For example, there are cerebral eye serums to relieve signs of fatigue and look fresher. For more moisture, which also prevents smaller wrinkles and also larger and deeper wrinkles and can also relieve them, there are also extra moisturizing serums for the eyes.
The NaturLex tip personal and exclusive for you: put the eye cream in the fridge and just store it There, to achieve an extra cooling effect, which additionally acts as a decongestant.

Which eye cream is right for me?

The Awakening Eye Cream by Forever

This eye cream helps to reduce dark circles and swollen eyes. This is achieved with the help of many different, valuable and selected ingredients, such as marine collagen, peptides, natural plant extracts and, of course, with a whopping 36 percent pure aloe vera gel. The sensitive eye area is improved by the cream in its appearance. Larger and deeper wrinkles and even small wrinkles are reduced and fine lines and dark circles are clearly visible and noticeably reduced with appropriate and disciplined regular use. A regeneration of the skin around the eyes, is achieved by the contained in the cream butylene glycol and the precious silk tree extract with Darutoside. This results in a smoother and regenerated skin resulting in a brighter, more youthful and alert, just simply beautiful, eye area in a short time. Thanks to the Forever Awakening Eye Cream, the skin surface of the game surrounding the eyes is strengthened in its structure by supporting a unique collagen with a light molecular weight, the natural collagen formation of our skin and especially the eye area. Thus, the skin barrier of this eye area is enhanced and therefore the loss of moisture is limited. This results in a full and firm skin that forms around the lot of eyes.

Your NaturLex Team