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Forever Aloe Vera Honey

The Bee Honey by Forever is suitable for everyday enjoyment. Big and small sweet tooth cats can smear this Forever honey on the bread in the morning for breakfast or in the cold season, the winter, sometimes in the tea to sweeten it without industrial sugar and only with natural ingredients. If you also like to bake something, Naturlex recommends that you use the Bee Honey from Forever instead of the sugar specified in the recipe use. Use as much honey in your dough as you like. You do not have to worry about getting fat, for example, if you eat a piece of cake sweetened with the Forever Bee Honey, as it is a 100% natural product without any additives, such as flavors, preservatives or colorings. In order to prevent the loss of the valuable ingredients through the penetration of sunlight, the bottle in which the Bee Honey from Forever is filled is colored cloudy. This Forever Bee Honey is easy to digest and has a natural sweetness as the raw material for this extremely edible and delicious product is obtained from the untouched plateaus in Spain.

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Why is honey so healthy?

The honey produced by bees is a natural food that is absolutely free of fat and any risk substances, such as cholesterol or purines. 80 percent of the honey consists of glucose and fructose, i.e. glucose and fructose. The remaining 20 percent is just water. Depending on where the honey comes from, it can taste very different, as different factors have an impact on the formation of the taste. Water doesn't taste the same everywhere on earth. It makes a huge difference whether the source is in groundwater, for example, or in the mountains. Different minerals give different tastes to the water the bees eat. But what counts even more in the taste of honey is the variety of pollen from flowers that the bees consume in bulk. Here each type of flower has its own aroma. That can be distinguished in the supermarket. Not only by the taste, but also by the color of the honey can be seen whether the bees have produced this honey, for example, in the forest (forest blossom honey) or deciduous trees in deciduous trees (acacia honey). Although honey has few vitamins and minerals, it does contain some bioactive substances and antioxidants. In addition, the inhibins contained in honey are very valuable for our human body. Inhibins are, for those who do not yet know, a member of a group of anti-inflammatory agents, such as enzymes, resins and flavonoids associated. These substances have a beneficial effect. In the event of a mild cold or even flu, which is irritating to the respiratory tract, a teaspoon of Hong in tea helps to soothe these uncomfortably irritated mucous membranes. But keep in mind that you don't put the honey in the freshly brewed tea, but only in lukewarm tea. The healthy active ingredients that make honey so beneficial are unfortunately ineffective from a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

The antioxidants contained in honey include phenols, enzymes and plant substances such as flavonoids, and also organic acids. According to science, antioxidants can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, and even the risk of developing some cancers. In addition, antioxidants can have a very positive effect on your eyesight. Because the antioxidants contained in honey can expand the arteries better, blood pressure is lowered, blood flow to the heart is increased and blood clots that lead to infarctions or attacks are prevented. High blood pressure should be avoided in any case, since this does not cause heart disease but it does favor it. According to various studies, antioxidants can protect the heart from oxidative stress.

Other ways to use the Forever Bee Honey

Honey has been used very successfully as a wound treatment for external use for hundreds of years. Sometimes fresh and good honey helps better with some wounds than some conventional medical antibiotics. For mild burns and inflamed wounds, applying honey can work wonders to heal the wound and heal it quickly. Under certain circumstances, honey can also be used for psoriasis, hemorrhoids and cold sores to reduce your suffering and that of your loved ones, or to make them disappear entirely. You can also use honey as part of your nourishing cosmetics. Especially in facial care, honey unleashes all of its superpower. To give your lips a little suppleness and to stimulate their blood flow, it is recommended to use a lip scrub once or twice a week. But many dare not approach the chemical lip scrubs, as these can easily land in the mouth and thus also after swallowing in our body. Therefore, it is much better to make a peel for the lips from harmless food. Simply mix a tablespoon of Forever Bee Honey with a teaspoon of coarse sugar at home. It makes no difference whether the sugar is white or brown. Mix these two ingredients well with each other in a small bowl or cup and then simply apply the mixture to your lips with your finger. Gently massage the scrub into your lips without rubbing hard as this would hurt your lips. Rub the mixture in for about five minutes and then, if you have time, leave it in your lips for another ten minutes to make it extra soft and supple. Simply wash the mixture with lukewarm water over the sink. Dry your lips with a clean towel and apply a rich and nourishing balm to the lips to provide sufficient moisture.

Attention: Children under the age of one year should under no circumstances consume honey, as this can contain Clostridium botulinum germs, which can lead to botulism, a food poisoning in children under twelve months. This is not a problem for adults, since our body's immune system can easily cope with such dangers. However, the immune system of small babies is not yet mature enough to ward off potential food poisoning.

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