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Aloe Vera Nutrition

The reasons for supplementary food can be very different. It is never a question of replacing a balanced diet, but rather of meaningfully supporting the body in its important tasks. First, the athlete should be mentioned, who demands more power from the body through his activities and, therefore, needs more energy. But also indicators such as age, gender, lifestyle habits, diets or pregnancy may make supplementation seem necessary. On this page we want to give you a good overview of what dietary supplements are, how they work and who can benefit from them. Have fun gaining new insights and the journey of discovery through the range at NaturLex.

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What is considered a dietary supplement ?

You can also see the inner body as a kind of biological factory. And for it to run well in a "machine man", it requires energy and numerous "supplies" such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibers, fats, bioactive substances (probiotics), antioxidants, etc. That what we put into the body is refered as food, which is broken down by the body into its constituent parts and transmitted to the appropriate organs - through the metabolism. But this food intake must be "balanced". This means not eating too one-sidedly, so that the body receives all the important substances in sufficient quantity. However, this is not always easy, especially since it also depends on which form of nutrition (eg vegan) one decides for.

How can dietary supplements help ?

As the name implies, dietary supplements contain those substances that the body needs for its metabolism - and that are not available for a variety of reasons or are not sufficiently available. What are dietary supplements good for? They should close any gaps so that there is no undersupply in the body. Where it makes no sense to take randomly any amount of substances, but a targeted intake is advised. A check-up with the doctor of trust followed by a laboratory examination can reveal whether there is a shortage of certain substances in the body. Here at NaturLex you can then find supplements such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support the body in its tasks.

Dietary supplements in detail – the vitamins

Sailors from earlier days were considered rough journeymen. But even the strongest one got proverbial soft knees during long voyages. Scurvy was the name given to the dreaded disease, which showed symptoms such as bleeding gums, tooth loss, internal bleeding and depression. Triggered by the deficiency of one of the most important vitamins: Vitamin C. Since the body has forgotten how to make vitamin C itself in the course of evolution, it has to be taken up with food. Best in combination with vitamin E and beta-carotene, Vitamin C proves to be an efficient radical scavenger. This refers to substances that can intercept or neutralize particularly aggressive substances in the body (more on this later under "Antioxidants"). To keep the skin taut, it requires collagen. vitamin C contributes to chaining the collagen and making it elastic. Collagen is also important for wound healing. And who does not know vitamin C as an anti-cold medicine that helps the immune system on the jumps? In addition, vitamin C promotes iron uptake and can even recycle vitamin E when it has been consumed in the fight against free radicals. The effects of vitamin C on the human body are, therefore, very diverse and a deficiency is anything but beneficial.

Regarding food supplementation, the storage of vitamins also plays a major role. Fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, K and beta-carotene can be stored in the human body better than water-soluble vitamins such as C, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin and individual vitamins of the B family (B1, B2, B6). With vitamin B1 the circle of the B candidates starts, all of whom take a function as coenzymes. They are considered as tools of the enzymes that keep everything running as workers on the conveyor belt of metabolism. The problem: Industrial processing often leads to depletion of vitamins and minerals. A good example provides the disease to "Beri-beri". At the turn of the century, in East Asia, the cause of B1 deficiency was the introduction of mechanical rice peeling machines. White husked rice, previously reserved only for the wealthy upper classes, has now become accessible to the masses. But with the shell and the germ, the most valuable ingredients were removed from the rice - including vitamin B1. And the formula is very simple: without vitamin B1, no energy. Carbohydrates are the major energy sources and are (almost) all converted into glucose. This is either stored (fat cushion) or used for energy. And always, when the latter happens, we need the vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2 is also referred to as milk vitamin since it was first discovered in milk. The vitamin B2 helps to break down body fat and operates the input into the energy supply of the body. It helps with the processing of metabolic products that are produced during the burning of fats or sugar and makes them available to the body. The vitamin B2 also acts as a kind of activator for the vitamins B1 and B6 as well as "corrosion protection" for the eyes. Special feature: The trace element selenium is rare in the human body. Selenium consumed in the fight against free radicals can be rebuilt by the vitamin B1. Finally, vitamin B6 is considered a protein builder. Athletes, especially bodybuilders, use the central role of vitamin B6 in the assembly and disassembly of amino acids and proteins. But by no means only strength athletes benefit from the vitamin of the B family. A special mention is the involvement of vitamin B6 in the formation of messengers in the brain, for example, the "happiness hormone" serotonin. If you want to shape your body and do not want to give up any valuable substances, you will find numerous possibilities. The contained vitamins Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 und Vitamin B12 in Forever Therm support a normal metabolism, so th body can burn more calories.

Folic acid or folate - the vitamin for pregnant women

A good example of a dietary supplement is the vitamin folic acid. Especially in pregnancy, there is a high need for folic acids, which is almost impossible to cover with normal food. In consultation with the doctor of trust, it is important to identify a need and to adjust the appropriate dose accordingly. It would be important to start taking folic acids before a planned pregnancy. Folate or folic acid prevents the so-called neural tube defect, a congenital malformation of the central nervous system. At NaturLex you can also find the folic acid pills Forever B12 Plus.

Protein: The element of life

The topics strength and endurance are definitely worth a paragraph on their own. In addition to carbohydrates and fats, protein is the third of the so-called macronutrients. Similar to the muscles in weight training, the proteins can become quite large and form structures of balls, chains and coil springs - composed of small building blocks: the amino acids. Twenty of them are needed to build up the proteins. Some can be built by the body, others are taken up with food (essential amino acids). Proteins are the raw material of life: muscles, enzymes and many hormones are proteins. That such a protein power can taste really delicious, for example, proves the Forever Soy-Protein Ultra Vanilla Shake. The delicious meal replacement contains many essential amino acids, provides a wholesome vegetarian protein intake on a genetically free soy basis and is free of preservatives. Great for calorie-conscious athletes and as a supplement or snack for busy people.

Minerals – indispensable helpers

The interaction of nerves and muscles, the formation of blood, growth, metabolism - everything needs minerals. Iron is important for blood formation, water balance is regulated by sodium and potassium and calcium is responsible for solid teeth and bones. In ascending order, the most abundant minerals in the human body are zinc, iron, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, and calcium. Our modern eating habits are responsible for the fact that it is rather bad for the most important minerals in the body. Too few whole grains, too much chocolate and other sweets, too few vegetables and fruits, too much coffee, alcohol and nicotine.

Calcium gives us support. Up to 99 percent of the approximately one and a half kilograms of calcium that we carry with us, or rather, that carry us, are in the bones, only a small amount in the blood and the cell fluid - but there it fulfills vital functions. The bones are also a kind of "savings bank" for calcium, from which we can feed on in old age. It is, therefore, advisable to pay attention to a sufficient calcium intake at a young age already. Older people are in particular affected by a lack of minerals. The supply of calcium, magnesium and potassium often reaches only half of the recommended values. Especially the elderly should have their age-related osteoporosis in mind. Because one of the signs of aging is bone loss. Especially affected are menopausal women. This is related to the sharp decline in estrogen levels. A dietary supplement such as Forever Calcium pills can be of great help after a consultation with the attending physician ,

Magnesium is one of the minerals for stress sufferers because it counteracts stress hormones. For this purpose, it is channeled from the cells into the bloodstream and lowers, among other things, the blood pressure. However, it is then flushed out of the body, which is why it leads to an increased demand for magnesium during stress. Deficiency symptoms are often not noticed over a longer period of time. Only when muscle cramps set in, this can indicate a magnesium deficiency. In Forever Supergreen with Aloe vera is also the important magnesium contained. Minerals that occur in the body only in very small amounts, but are even more important, are also referred to as "trace elements". These include iron and zinc. The main occupation of iron in the metabolism is to transport the oxygen from the lungs via the bloodstream to the individual cells - as a small component of hemoglobin (the red blood cells). The all-rounder zinc is found in the body only to a very small extent (2-4 g), but is just as important. Among other things, it is involved in the protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, it is involved in the function of insulin, has effects on the fertility of the man and supports the immune system. For example, there are Forever Zinc pills, which can improve the physical resistance.

Fats in the body - frowned upon and yet so important

There may be people who can go crazy at the mention of the word "fat". Fatty acids are as important to the body as vitamins or antioxidants. However, fat is not just fat. The less beneficial fatty acids are also referred to as "saturated". Very beneficial for the organism, however, affect "unsaturated" and "polyunsaturated" fatty acids. Our body is quite capable of producing unsaturated fatty acids, for example, glucose and amino acids itself. However, there are also essential unsaturated fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), which must be supplied to the body through the diet. The dietary supplement Forever Arctic Sea may rectify a deficiency in omega-3 acids.

Antioxidants - when oxygen has a negative effect

Life without oxygen is simply not possible, but oxygen also has negative effects. Reactive oxygen compounds, so-called "free radicals", which can attack and destroy tissue and cells, develop in the body. Therefore, to survive, all living things have developed antioxidants. Although the human body itself produces antioxidants, the activity of the entire antioxidant system can be influenced by diet and supplements. In particular, in elderly, people weakened by illness and smokers are overly many free radicals, so that the body needs more antioxidants than it can produce by itself. A veritable antioxidant cocktail is found in Forever beta-carotene capsules vitamins A & E, A-Beta-CarE 54 .

How probiotics help the intestine

Long before the millennium, at the turn of the century, the Russian Nobel laureate Ilia Metschnikoff discovered one of the reasons for the high life expectancy of the people of the Balkans. They were probiotic lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt and kefir, which was so good for the human and the human intestine so well. Today it is known that the microbiome in the intestine is its own small universe, and is indispensable for the immune system. How important the intestine is for our well-being and what high status it now occupies among the organs can also be seen from the fact that experts like to call it a "second brain". The Food Supplement Forever Active Probiotic contains six useful bacterial cultures. Thanks to the patented encapsulation technique, the probiotic is only released when the intestine is reached. Among other things, the probiotic promotes the natural balance of the intestinal flora, balances digestion, lowers the cholesterol level, supports the immune function in the intestine, increases the body's defenses and supports the absorption of nutrients.

Honey - the energy provider par excellence

To make a jar of honey, bees must collect nectar of about 1.5 million flowers - but the hard work is worthwhile. Anyone who has tasted the delicious Forever Bee Honey from the Spanish mountains can say it was worth it. The noble natural product spoils, among other things with flavors of heather florets, broom, lavender, Erika, rosemary and thyme. Produced in dry summer months, the honey receives little moisture, but it is rich in enzymes and fructose. If you would like to take the special royal jelly in a condensed form, see the Forever Royal Jelly Honey Pills, Royal Jelly 36 as a sufficient opportunity. It is particularly rich in content of Royal Jelly that makes a bee a queen.

Always well informed with NaturLex. We hope that you enjoyed the small journey through the land of supplements, and you learned a lot of useful things from it. Whether you need nutritional supplements for diet, pregnancy, athletic challenges, everyday stress, or illness - NaturLex is the place to be after a checkup with the doctor of trust.

Just discover the product range and order the desired dietary supplement online.