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Aroma oils from Forever Living Products

The high-quality Forever base oil Forever ™ Essential Oils is made of Aloe Vera, vitamins E, A and C as well as natural oils. A mixture of cold-pressed flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits and also roots and bark are what make the unique fragrance experience so special. The extract of the selected plants can also be obtained by steam distillation which can evoke the most pleasant feelings through its scent. If you mix a few drops of Forever ™ Essential Oils with the Forever Carrier Oil, you will get a very special fragrance experience with every note.By mixing the oils the scent can be very personal. Applied on a pillow, the laundry or even the furniture, the oils can bring a feeling of wellbeing through their scent. The oils can also give a smooth feeling when applied to the skin.

Further information about Aroma oils can be found at End of this page.

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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

If we smell the scent of the aromatic oils, their scent molecules have reached the central nervous system through the nasal mucosa. Messenger substances are released here that can influence our feelings and emotions. But even receptors in the skin can absorb the molecules and evoke memories that we associate with this scent.

Which fragrance should be used depends entirely on what the aromatherapy is intended to achieve. The aromatic oil with the scent of zirons can brighten the mood and have an invigorating effect, while the lavender scent can have a relaxing and calming effect. The scent of peppermint, on the other hand, is refreshing and can help keep a clear head.

The special thing about the aromatic oils by Forever

  • The purest natural substances from all over the world
  • The best quality available on the market
  • Processing of the most valuable botanical essences

The scent of essential oils

  • Scents are processed in the brain via the sense of smell
  • Scents influence our mood
  • Fragrances bring back memories
  • Fragrances arouse feelings and affect emotions
  • Body and mind are stimulated
  • You can feel more comfortable, more relaxed and even more beautiful
  • Every scent note has very different advantages

FOREVER ™ ESSENTIAL OILS - areas of application

  • Mixed with carrier oil, a pleasant body oil is created, which of course can also be used as a massage oil
  • In connection with the Carrier Oil also perfect for perfuming
  • Apply to the skin, e.g. B. temples, neck, wrists
  • A few drops in the bath water as a unique bath additive
  • In connection with sauna infusions for a completely new relaxation experience
  • Mixed with a little water and applied to a pillow with an diffuser, a fragrant sachet is created
  • As an essence for fragrance lamps