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Forever Aloe Vera Products

Aloe vera drinks, aloe vera care products, nutritional supplements and more

The products of Forever with Aloe Vera are characterized by the very high purity of the Aloe Vera gel. Forever is the world leader in products that include aloe vera, such as the famous drinks, cleansing and skin care products, and supporting nutritional supplements. For most of Forever's products, also referred to below as FLP, the beneficial Aloe Vera gel is the basis.

Certified Quality Aloe Vera Products

All Forever Aloe Vera products are guaranteed to be produced without any animal testing. Much of the article complies with the requirements of the International Aloe Science Council, and most products also have the Islamic Seal of Quality and the Kosher Seal of Approval. Many of the FLP dietary supplements are also still in possession of the seal of the Cologne list for athletes.

Many of Forever's Aloe Vera-based products are gluten-free. They have not been pasteurized, freeze-dried or intensively heated as these processes would destroy or at least damage the effectiveness of the aloe vera plant and other ingredients. Depending on the application, the FLP products contain only as many basic materials as necessary, but as much nature as possible. Needless bells and whistles that are not good for our skin are not included in all FLP products. To emphasize skin compatibility, most of Forever's products have been dermatologically tested and have been completed very well. This means that these products are skin-friendly and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

Our NaturLex products

Aloe Vera Drinks

There are many varieties of drinks based on aloe vera. For example, we offer the classic and well-known Forever Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, soothing Aloe Vera teas and delicious tasting Forever Aloe Vera juice mix concentrates in different flavors. With the partially contained aloe vera gel and selected, valuable fruits, you can support your daily nutrient balance with the help of Forever Aloe Vera drinks.

Aloe Vera facial care

The Forever Aloe Vera Face Care products are ideal for both women and men. Strict and disciplined follow-up of a daily facial routine generally results in a better overall appearance of the skin and, if it provides moisture to the skin for years, can make the skin age more slowly than without regular care for the delicate facial skin. Unfortunately, old-age wrinkles can not be avoided with good and proper facial care, but wrinkles can be reduced and the aging process generally slowed down. On one morning and one evening facial care every single day should therefore be waived in any case. Also, additional care, such as the Forever Aloe Vera masks should be considered to the skin as good as possible against internal influences, such as aging and external environmental influences, such as air pollution.

Aloe Vera hair care

The two hair care duos shampoo and conditioner are with ale vera and jojoba oil. The shampoo removes fat, dust, oil residues from care and styling products and other impurities off the hair and the conditioner softens the hair and therefore also achieves easier combing of the hair. Thus, with regular use, hair damage in the form of, for example, split or fragility of the hair can be avoided or reduced. So that your hair can always shine silky soft.

Aloe Vera body care

NaturLex has all the products for the care of the sensitive body skin. The aloe vera extracted from the leaf of the aloe vera plant provides the skin with much-needed moisture, soothes and nourishes it and has regenerating properties. All of our personal care products at NaturLex include natural and stabilized aloe vera of the highest purity and highest quality.
On the one hand there are creams, lotions and even sprays for the care of the entire body. These products should be used at best every day and especially after a shower to protect the skin from drying out.
There is also Deodorant and Perfume from Forever. The deodorant is made entirely without aluminum, so there is no unnecessary risk to the health of your body. Nevertheless, the Forever Aloe Vera Deos provide reliable protection against unpleasant sweat odor, so you at least do not have to worry about it. The perfume fragrances for men and women give your nose a unique fragrance experience.
Soaps, disinfectants and creams are also available to keep your hands clean and as germ-free as possible / a> for the hands on offer. A thorough cleaning of the hands should be mandatory after each visit to the toilet or before each meal to prevent illness. But if you wash your hands so often, the soap should not attack your hands aggressively, but must be mild. To protect your hands from drying out after a lot of washing, it is recommended to rub your hands with hand cream immediately after washing.
The Forever Body Oil has a variety of uses. You can use it as a nourishing oil for the entire body, as a massage oil, so that the hands glide nicely or as a bath additive, or sauna infusion, if you want to enjoy the scent of the essential oils.

Just browse NaturLex and discover more of our aloe vera skin care products.

Dietary supplements

Nutritional supplements are useful in helping your body perform supportive work. These little helpers can by no means replace a balanced diet and lifestyle, but can do assistive work. At NaturLex there are various remedies that you should try out to find the perfect combination for your body and wellbeing Determine. For example, we offer products for strengthening the immune system, or products that have Minerals and Viatmins included.

Discover many more Forever products at NaturLex.

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