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Aloe Vera energy drinks

Beside the Aloe Vera trink gels and tea, still other drinks are available. Energy drink with Guarana and a combination of own herbal mixture and nutrients helps immediately to strength, concentration and perseverance. The drink concentrates nutrient, lend to your drink a fruity taste and at the same time a strong push of vitamin.
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The natural healing powers of Aloe Vera

Aloe belongs to the grass family and has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. While aloe has been an integral part of many creams, gels and lotions for decades and is mostly used for sunburns, wounds or skin inflammations, the internal application with aloe is not yet well known. In many Asian countries aloe, or rather its thick leaves, is sold at weekly markets. The leaves are cut lengthwise so that the gelatinous interior, the pulp, can be scraped out and processed. This is then used to make either sweets or pudding. In most cases, however, the mass is further processed, in many cases pulverised, in order to be further processed in medicines or cosmetic products. The advantages of the aloe plant for your health The aloe is a small all-rounder and a real fountain of youth for the skin, the high moisture content of the plant soothes inflammation, supports the healing of abrasions and cuts, promotes the natural build-up of collagen in the skin and thus stimulates cell renewal, energizes the circulation and is considered a natural stimulant and and and. What other benefits you can expect from aloe vera drinks, juices, energy drinks and concentrates, you can find out here: It has an anti-inflammatory effect Digestive - good for purification or as vitamin boost during a fasting period Helps against pimples, skin impurities, neurodermatitis and rosacea Strengthens the immune system through high vitamin C content Reduces spring fatigue Detoxifies and cushions the skin Gives the skin moisture and elasticity after sunbathing The market and its diverse products The market for products with the ingredient aloe vera is large and so the consumer can now find everything his heart desires from tablets, effervescent powder, juice, concentrates to mixed drinks. In addition to the classic Asian shops, where aloe vera juice has been part of the standard range for years, many health food stores and organic shops have followed suit and offer aloe vera in every conceivable processing form. Aloe Vera juice is the most popular dosage form, as it is the best known. Aloe Vera juice can be drunk pure or mixed with another fruit juice before every meal in small sips. Approx. 20-40 ml before each meal is sufficient and can be taken as a two-week cure to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and prevent fatigue. Aloe Vera juice is also a good drink to regenerate muscles after exercise. If you suffer from skin problems such as eczema, acne or even neurodermatitis, a juice cure can inhibit the binding of inflammations in the body and promote the formation of new tissue. Dermatologists have known for a long time that the ingredients of aloe can unfold their anti-inflammatory substances not only externally, but also when used internally. Mixed drinks and energy drinks with aloe vera have only recently become a trend, but are now gaining more and more followers. Compared to other mixed drinks, aloe vera is rich in many minerals and trace elements and is especially refreshing in the warm summer months. Many energy drinks are also enriched with other herbal ingredients such as guarana, dispel fatigue and at the same time increase stamina, strength and concentration. The high concentration of nutrients provides a strong vitamin boost and also serves as a natural stimulant without side effects. Energy drinks are available in many flavours, for example with garnet peach extract, mango or with coconut. Aloe Vera concentrates are particularly suitable for long drinks and tasty cocktails, because they can be mixed and diluted wonderfully with other drinks, such as coconut water, cucumber water, mint tea and soda water. With a little practice, you can conjure up refreshing summer cocktails so quickly and easily, while at the same time doing something good for your health. When choosing the concentrate, you should definitely pay attention to the quality. Here it pays off to spend a little more money, because this is a raw processed product. High quality processed aloe in organic quality contains all important active ingredients and has a vitalising effect. Cheap products usually only have a low aloe extract and are therefore less suitable if you want to strengthen your immune system. Mixed drinks are a short boost of nutrients and can be consumed in moderation without hesitation. What developments are there The many products on the market are proof of the versatility of the aloe vera plant. In the coming years the active ingredient will be found in many juices