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Aloe Vera Facial Skin Care

Having a daily facial care routine and disciplined followers is one of the most important keys to youthful radiant skin. The right skin care is absolutely essential for healthy, firm and shiny facial skin. To conceal signs of aging, or even not to let appear, is on a sophisticated facial care with high-quality ingredients is indispensable. A good facial skin care is more than just a conventional face cream that moisturizes as different parts of the face have completely different needs. Their skin is attacked and damaged, among other things by harmful environmental influences, such as air pollution (especially in larger cities), sunlight, different temperatures (both heat and cold) and humidity fluctuations. The wide selection of the NaturLex Aloe Vera care products can protect the skin from these factors.

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The way to beautiful skin

Everyone wants beautiful and pure skin, as well as celebrities and starlets, but something has to be done for that

To achieve optimal development of the valuable and effective ingredients, a systematic care routine is necessary. Since the skin has different needs in the morning than in the evening, the various skin care products should be adapted to these changing needs. Therefore, you should develop your own personal care routine for the morning and another individual routine for the care of your skin for each evening. Just test different products and different combinations of products to find your own personal test winner. Because the care routine for your face must be as individual and unique as your skin is.

The facial care routine

Morning routine for your face

The first step

The first step after waking up is always and without exception cleaning your face. You can use the Sonya refreshing gel cleanser. Optimally, do not use any facial cleansing products based on oils in the morning as these molecules of oil will otherwise close your pores, leaving the skin unresponsive to any form of facial care. The skin can then take no other ingredients or any form of moisture from the expensive and actually effective care products. That would not only be a great pity, but also a huge waste of money.

The second step

The second step is to use a facial toner, also known as Toner, to to give the skin a fresh and smooth feeling. A toner gives your skin the much needed moisture and also gives the skin a fresh, clear and supple feel. There are also toners with a certain amount of certain acids that can not only moisturize but also partially remove dead skin cells from our face. However, such toners are not suitable for beginners or even newcomers to the facial care, as they require a certain amount of knowledge about the nature of the skin, as well as the acid. For more experienced face care lovers, however, such a toner is then an effective substitute for mechanical exfoliation with sugar, microplastics, or other agents that virtually scrub the dead cells off the floor. An acidic toner simply removes the "glue" that holds the dead skin to the intact, newly formed skin. This way, dead cells dissolve easier and more effectively. But note that toners with acid should be used only once a day, otherwise they can cause damage. Read the instructions for using the toner on the bottle itself or on its packaging.

The third step

The third step in the facial care routine is to use a serum that works with his small molecules that can carry moisture deep into the skin, to provide the skin with good and effective moisture even in the lower layers. Simply massage your favorite serum into your skin with your fingertips to nourish and moisturize it. Again, there are a variety of serums with a variety of ingredients. Be the first to know what type of skin you have and where your smaller or bigger blemishes and dissatisfactions lie. Based on this newly acquired knowledge, you can then select a serum that defies your problems and troubles, fights them and thus flatters your skin and supports them in their own radiance and shine. So that you get closer with regular use of a flawless skin.

The fourth step

The fourth step is to use a eye cream to make sure the sensitive eye area is adequate to provide moisture, because with enough moisture smaller wrinkles can be corrected, larger wrinkles are reduced and swollen eyes, just like unsightly and usually quite dark dark circles are attributed to the past. The skin of the eyes is very thin and therefore much more permeable than other parts of the face. Therefore, the game around the eyes usually turns darker in stress or fatigue even bluish. The sensitivity of the eye skin is the reason why it requires here more intensive and strongly moisturizing daily and routine care. Occasionally, the reduced production of sebum throughout the day is also a reason why wrinkles develop in the eye area as a sign of dryness, which of course everyone tries to avoid. To moisturize your eyes, do not use a traditional full-face cream, but use a cream specially designed and made for the eyes. A so-called normal face cream always moves a little bit. Walking usually does not pose a problem either, but everything should be tight around the eye area as the cream may accidentally get in the eyes when moving. Not only do you have the unpleasant sensation of cream in your eyes, which may make you look temporarily blurry or maybe even burn, but there is a much more serious problem that might crop up. As the cream on the face is exposed to various environmental factors, dust, bacteria and viruses may deposit on it. If this contaminated cream comes into contact with the eyes then an infection of lighter or more severe extent may occur in the eye. To avoid this, eye creams are designed so that they do not move independently on the face after application. For more information on eye creams, please click here.

The fifth step

The fifth step is the well-known face cream, which is responsible for the soft skin, Most people have a face cream and only use it at least once a day. But that's not enough. In order to provide the skin with sufficient care, it is important to properly combine the various facial care products so that maximum effect can be drawn from the valuable products with the important ingredients. A face cream usually consists of larger molecules, such as a serum, which is why a cream especially for the face usually only in the upper layers of the skin and the deeper can not reach. It is important to provide the first layers of the skin with enough moisture, vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, the traditional face cream for a complete care routine must not be waived. The face cream should not be applied around the eyes, too close to the openings of the nose or on the lips so that it does not get in contact with the mucous membranes and is only used externally. In order to counteract the aging in the décolleté and neck area as well, the level of moisture must be kept high. Therefore, you can spread your face cream when creaming the face just a bit more sprawling and with that also cream your neck and the area around the clavicle.

The sixth step

The sixth step is to apply sunscreen. Even when the sun is not shining, wearing sunscreen is also important on the face, to prevent damage from both visible and non-visible UV rays. The skin on our face is softer than other parts of the body, so it needs more protection. In the summer, sun exposure in the blazing heat can not only lead to an unpleasant and unpleasant sunburn, but can speed up the unpopular process of aging of the skin both in summer and in winter and after a while it can also drive visibly forward. To avoid this or at least reduce it, it is absolutely essential and also necessary that you apply a kind of sunscreen every morning. Experts recommend a protection factor of at least SPF 15 to effectively protect the skin from harmful radiation. Apply your sunscreen as the last step in your facial care routine, so that it does not disappear among other products and also prevents other products from getting into the skin, as the large molecules occupy the pores.

Evening routine for the care of your face

The first step in the evening is to cleanse your face of make-up, any environmental influences and anything else that could clog your pores. It is best to clean your face twice if you are wearing make-up to make sure all the residue is removed. They do not want any residue clogging the pores in the face, as this is the main cause of unsightly and unpleasant pimples, as well as the partially scarring acne. It is best to clean your face first with an oil-based formula and then again with a regular make-up remover.

After cleaning, simply follow the morning routine from step two to step five. Finally, as the sixth step in the evening, for extra suppleness, you can apply precious oils such as extra virgin olive oil, rosehip oil or jojoba oil to your face.

Additional care

Two or three times a week, or as needed, you should provide your skin with a nourishing mask. Apply the mask immediately after cleansing your face between the first two steps.

You should never miss a moisturizing lip care to make your lips look seductive to kiss and not crack. Especially in winter, our lips are cracked, because the moisture in the air is much lower than in summer. Also, adequate hydration is important so that the lips do not dry out. For even more care for your lips, you can make a lip mask, as well as a lip scrub with simple funds. Just mix some honey with crystallized sugar and rub your lips in to dead Remove skin cells. For a mask, you can just mix some yogurt with honey, apply it thickly to the lips and leave it on for at least 20-30 minutes. Afterwards simply wash the mask off with lukewarm water and your lips are supple and soft.

You may also use a peel one to three times a week after cleansing your face to remove dead skin cells. So you get an even smoother skin feeling.

Your NaturLex Team