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Aloe Vera Toothpaste - mild & effective

Switch to Aloe Vera's Bright Tooth Gel, an exceptional and unique toothpaste that uses aloe vera as the main ingredient to help you get a shiny white toothpaste smile, like that from advertising. Smile with Naturlex as well as the famous red carpet celebrities and starlets, at an exclusive gala or even an enchanting banquet.

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How important is dental care actually?

Even when we were all still small children we were drummed in from all sides, that every day we have to brush our teeth two to three times. If we did not, we were told bad stories about people who have not brushed their teeth. As a result of poor hygiene, these people have had tooth decay, their teeth turned yellow or even started to rot, or they even had to pull teeth. Everywhere, whether at home, at the dentist, at school or even at kindergarten, the children are illustrated in a very visual way, which can prevent anything from brushing their teeth. Books for children, such as "Karius and Baktus", have clearly and simply illustrated this topic of poor oral hygiene and its risks to children. This has meant that brushing your teeth has become a daily routine and is part of it to this day, without us worrying much about it. But maybe we should do just that. We should question the way we brush our teeth and determine if we might make some mistakes that we could easily fix. Dental hygiene and oral hygiene are very important in the entire body care, because discolored or just failed teeth are not only ugly, but can lead to serious risks to the health of the whole body. Daily dental care is essential when it comes to keeping your teeth as long as possible. Because a beautiful and, above all, healthy smile enhances our self-esteem and we must in no way be ashamed or hide. With a healthy and radiant smile you can act with much more self-confidence and increase your own well-being.

The Forever Aloe Vera Bright Tooth Gel

What can this toothpaste do? How does Aloe Vera toothpaste differ from other toothpastes, and does the Bright Tooth gel clean the teeth well? - Many questions that you are welcome to answer with Naturlex below.

Above all, the Forever Bright toothpaste, in contrast to conventional toothpastes, convinces with its extremely low factor of abrasion. Low abrasion means that Forever's Toothpaste does not grind the teeth like sandpaper, but rather acts like a gentle polish on the teeth. The mild taste of mint is not only very pleasant, but also tastes great. Although, or especially because the Aloe Vera Bright Toothpaste does not abrade the teeth, it cleans it perfectly. Surely, ask yourself now how this mild toothpaste creates a proper cleaning of your teeth and the entire oral cavity. We have the answer. The main ingredient of our Forever Bright Toothpaste is a pure aloe vera gel that Forever grows on his own plantations. The percentage of this valuable aloe vera gel in the toothpaste is whopping 36 percent. The enzymes naturally contained in the aloe vera plant clean your teeth, your oral mucosa and your tongue actively and yet gently. The aloe vera gel also cares for the gums and donates this also a lot of moisture. But this special toothpaste from Forever contains not only the precious aloe vera gel, but also bee propolis, which helps the gums to strengthen themselves. This is desirable, as a stronger gum may rarely lead to bleeding of the gums when brushing teeth. The cleaning of the teeth is based on this unique toothpaste on the enzyme complexes, which is why the toothpaste works completely without any bleach or fluoride. Therefore, you can easily enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening or a cup of coffee in the morning, without having to worry about it, that the teeth of it could turn ugly yellowish. The Forever Aloe Vera Bright Tooth Gel was tested by the institute "dermatest" and earned a "very good" in the test. That is why the toothpaste is completely harmless and suitable for the entire family. The toothpaste is best tolerated by the skin and brings only the highest quality. Children, in particular, find tooth brushing an annoying but necessary evil. But with our absolute favorite toothpaste, which is interesting with its strong green color, even the little ones do not find it difficult to brush their teeth. It takes only a small amount, just as big as a pea, to get a wonderfully fresh sensation in the mouth. With our Forever Bright Toothpaste, the care of the oral mucosa and teeth becomes an absolutely relaxing wellness experience.

Possible combinations

The Forever Bright Tooth Gel is not only strong on its own. This superb toothpaste can be wonderfully combined with other of our Naturlex products for an even more impressive result. Many of our customers are already absolutely enthusiastic about our products. Most would recommend our products to their family and best friends right away.

Here are a few excerpts from the wonderful feedback from our customers:
  • Use this toothpaste for years and have since never had any problems with the gums. Even my dentist is satisfied.
  • Can only recommend this toothpaste. Order for several years at Naturlex and has always been satisfied.
  • I use the toothpaste everyday and find that my teeth are much cleaner and whiter.
  • My "insider tip" for open tooth necks and inflamed gums!

Together with a lip balm

As most of you probably already know and know, water dries our skin from the outside. As you probably already concluded, we need exactly this water for brushing teeth every day. Above all, our thin skin on the lips is extremely brittle by drying out through the water and sometimes cracked. This is not only unpleasant, but sometimes really uncomfortable and can even be painful in extreme cases. To prevent these symptoms, you should brush your lips with the lip care from Forever every time you brush your teeth so that the skin is cared for and also protected. As a further tip, you can gently with a soft toothbrush circling over the lips, so as to get rid of dead and dry skin as with a scrub. At the same time, this slight rubbing of the toothbrush also stimulates the blood circulation, which temporarily causes the lips to blush a little and makes them appear fuller. So you get perfectly groomed lips despite daily brushing your teeth.

Together with the First Spray

An ingenious duo for a good start to the day in the morning are the Forever Bright toothpaste and the Forever Aloe First Spray. Before brushing, just after getting up, spray the First Spray two to three times straight into your mouth. Like a mouthwash, the Forever First Spray nourishes the oral mucosa, gums, tongue and teeth, providing enough moisture to the entire oral cavity. Then brush your teeth as usual with the Forever Bright Tooth Gel.

Your Naturlex Team