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Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Lip Care

Our lips need care. The lips are one of the exceptions to our bodies, because they are one of the few places on the body that have no sebum or sweat glands of any kind. This means that our lips can not produce any fat themselves, which protects them from extreme temperatures and many environmental influences. In addition, the lips have no natural moisturizer. The long-awaited care and a fresh feeling first lend the aloe lips with its high-quality ingredients , The Forever Aloe Vera Lips contains over 27 percent pure Aloe Vera of the highest quality, as well as over 20 percent of high-quality jojoba oil. These ingredients nourish and moisturize our lips to make them feel velvety soft and fresh. By no means should lips be cracked, dry or brittle, and above all, look. A good lip care prevents these ugly phenomena. Lips should be easy to kiss and seductive.

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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

The popular rumor that lip balm leaves your lips dry out is popularly known. But this rumor is completely wrong as far as Forever's Aloe Vera lip care is concerned. As mentioned above, our lips can not produce any sebum, ie fats, and are therefore completely dependent on external care in order to obtain the necessary supply of required moisture that our sensitive lip skin would otherwise have to miss. Cracked, dry or brittle lips usually originate either in weather or stress. An inadequate intake of nutrients through the daily diet can also be a cause of unsightly and dry lips. You should take enough vitamins, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Pro Vitamin B5. If ingestion of vitamins is inadequate, despite a healthy dietary diet, nutritional supplements may have a supportive effect.

At this point a very clear no. The skin of our lips is an extremely thin horny layer, which is almost exclusively moistened by the saliva of the mouth. The lips are so naturally fat-free and therefore quite vulnerable to dehydration. Especially in winter when the weather gets colder and the relative humidity drops. The main purpose of lip care products is to prevent lips from drying out to avoid brittle or chapped lips. The frequency of applying a lip balm is individually dependent on the nature of the lips and the habits of daily nutrition. The supply of water, for example, also plays an enormously important role when it comes to keeping the skin and especially the lip skin moist. It is recommended that an adult should drink about two to three liters a day in order to have a healthy body balance, which also includes the appearance of the lips. However, many people simply enjoy the feeling of applying a lip balm which is nothing wrong with and that is in no way to be titled as so-called addiction.

In any case. Of course, men need the same care and hydration for their lips as women. The lips of men are as thin as the lips of women among us. Our lips have only three to five skin layers, which is why they are so vulnerable. Our skin on the rest of the body has seven layers of skin, which makes it stronger and more durable. Many men think that taking care of their lips seems unmanly, but that's not the case. Or do you know a woman who would rather kiss dry and chapped lips? Not me.

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