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Aloe Vera Deodorant & Perfume

Forever has developed the Aloe Vera Ever Shield, a solid deodorant stick that provides reliable protection against unpleasant body odor. Not only does this deodorant stick contain the precious gel of aloe vera leaves, it also completely dispenses with the aluminum salts, which only clog pores and have been highly controversial in recent years. In addition, the Aloe Vera Ever Shield Deo also completely abstains from any alcohol. The absence of these two ingredients, which are present in most common deodorant sticks, as well as sprays, the Aloe Vera Ever Shield is perfect for a sensitive or, as after shaving, irritated skin suitable. With its pleasant and subtle fragrance, the Ever Shield with Aloe Vera from NaturLex offers a long-lasting freshness so you can confidently walk through the day.

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The Aloe Vera Ever Shield

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

In no way. The deodorant only fights the cause of the formation of the unpleasant smell. Bacteria have the perfect opportunity to multiply under the armpits in particular, as it is comfortably warm there and also damp when you sweat. The combination of moist and warm is ideal for bacteria to accumulate and multiply. The Aloe Ever Shield starts right here, because it prevents bacteria from developing at all.

The mild deodorant stick contains no alcohol, which makes it perfect for use on freshly shaved and therefore at least slightly irritated skin. Using this aloe vera deodorant will not sting your already irritated skin. On the contrary, thanks to the important and valuable aloe vera gel it contains, which is considered the trademark and main ingredient of Forever and its products, the skin is cared for and soothed with every application. Another plus is that this Ever Shield deodorant is also suitable for fast-moving and impatient people, since the deodorant from the Forever company does not have to take effect first in order not to leave stains on your sensitive clothing. You can get dressed immediately after using the deodorant and start the day or even the yoga class without having to worry about unsightly deodorant stains or unpleasant-smelling sweat stains on your clothes.

Sweating is extremely important for us humans because it is a natural process of the body. You should definitely not stop this for your own well-being, since sweating in summer, during sports or other strenuous physical work helps to regulate the body's temperature by cooling down excess heat. The sweat that comes out is evaporated on the skin and thus helps to cool down to a certain extent. In addition, the protective acid layer of the skin is preserved through sweating. This protective layer of acid helps protect the skin. This means that it helps the body fight off bacteria and germs so that they cannot enter the body and they cannot weaken or damage the body in any way. However, most people find sweating annoying because it often causes an unpleasant odor. However, this odor is due to the bacteria that collect and multiply under the armpits in particular. The sweat itself, which comes out of the many sweat glands, is actually an almost odorless secretion. The Aloe Vera Ever Shield Stick Deodorant addresses this very problem by stopping the proliferation of those pesky bacteria. In addition, the Aloe Ever Shield deodorant stick was tested by Derma Test and awarded the test result with very good. This means that the Forever Ever Shield deodorant stick with aloe vera is very kind to the skin and is always of the highest quality

Deodorant creams always provide reliable protection against the unpleasant and undesirable smell of sweat. They care for and protect the skin without drying it out and are therefore also suitable for sensitive and irritated skin due to their ingredients, which are very natural. Deodorant sticks neither clog the pores nor do they burn or irritate the skin after application. With most deodorant sticks, high-quality oils or, like here with Aloe Vera Ever Shield, regenerating plants are an important part of the composition. There are many different fragrance variations, but the Ever Shield convinces with its subtle smell that does not mask other perfumes or shampoos. Natural deodorant creams do not contain any harmful ingredients such as aluminum salts, some of which are suspected in the press to be carcinogenic, or alcohols, which have been proven to irritate the skin. This deodorant stick is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, as there is a reduced allergenic potential. Deodorant creams are also more environmentally friendly than deodorant sprays because they do not contain greenhouse gases that damage our important ozone layer. Now you may think that a deodorant spray bottle cannot be responsible for all the damage to the ozone layer, but when many people think the same way, just a little bit accumulates and ends up having very devastating effects. These effects then harm us all because, for example, we cannot deal with the large amount of UV rays that then enter our atmosphere.

Tips and advice on the use of deodorant creams

You should keep the deodorant stick at a constant temperature at about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. For this, for example, a place in the bathroom cabinet is ideal. Use the deodorant stick only on freshly washed and dry skin. Using a spatula or a thoroughly washed finger, remove some of the deodorant stick and apply it to the desired places. Spread the cream over the entire area of the armpit and cream it until you can see no white residue in just a few seconds. As mentioned above, the Aloe Vera Ever Shield Deodorant Stick contains no alcohol and can therefore be used immediately after shaving. At the armpits you can apply the deodorant stick with aloe vera on other body parts, such as the feet.

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