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Forever Living Products Aloe Vera hair care

At NaturLex, you'll get that sweet feeling of a beauty salon at home in your own home. The Forever hair care products, including an Aloe Vera and Jojoba Shampoo and the matching Aloe Vera and Jojoba Conditioning Rinse, can support you and your hair to enjoy a beautiful and above all healthy head of hair.

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The Forever Shampoo with a high percentage of pure Aloe Vera Gel was combined by experts with nourishing oils, namely the valuable oil of jojoba bean, the regenerating oil of rosehip and the fragrant oil of lavender. This gives your hair a lot of moisture, but also nutrients and therefore strength. The hair is also voluminous and hard-wearing.
The Forever Conditioner also contains a large amount of aloe vera, which in combination with the jojoba oil provides a full dose of extra moisture to your hair. At the same time, this boost of moisture does not complicate the hair, but makes it more controlled and easy to comb. Your hair will be supple thanks to the macadamia nut oil and the sunflower seed oil. Lavender oil has been added to the conditioner so that your scalp and your senses are calmed and pampered.

Best used together, this aloe vera and jojoba care results in healthy hair with vibrant vitality, shine and a regenerated scalp.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba Shampoo

The aloe vera shampoo with jojoba oil and lavender oil nourishes and strengthens the hair. Thanks to the valuable ingredients, the shampoo regulates the moisture balance of the hair and scalp. The shampoo is particularly mild and therefore suitable for sensitive scalp. In addition, the aloe vera shampoo gives volume, fullness, shine and smoothness and is PH neutral. With 40 percent pure aloe vera gel, the hair is moisturized and so brittle hair is revitalized. Scalp itching is relieved by the jojoba oil, the hair shines and your natural hair color is supported in its beauty and appearance. Rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, rosehip oil accelerates the regeneration of the scalp, resulting in a stronger, stronger and, above all, healthier scalp and, as a consequence, stronger and healthier hair. The lavender oil seduces with every hair wash even your nose to completely relax you.

Aloe Vera und Jojoba Conditioning Rinse

The Aloe Vera and Jojoba Conditioner Rinse is a conditioner that also includes the aloe vera and jojoba shampoo, the moisturizing and pure aloe vera gel, the nourishing oil of jojoba bean and the fragrant and soothing lavender oil. The Forever Conditioner supports the important properties of the Forever Shampoo. The conditioner rinse strengthens and nourishes the hair in addition, provides your hair just as much moisture, provides supple hair and is PH neutral. But that's not all. The aloe vera and jojoba conditioner consists of a carefree formula that gives the hair momentum and shine and also ensures that your hair is controllable and easily combed. Just like the matching shampoo, the conditioner contains a whopping 40 percent pure aloe vera gel, which provides the hair with plenty of moisture and thus revitalizes brittle hair. The jojoba oil gives the hair brilliance and relieves the unpleasant scalp itching noticeably. Here, too, the lavender oil gives your hair a seductive scent and makes it seem even more. The macadamia nut oil and the sunflower seed oil give the scalp an extra dose of moisture and help your hair to more suppleness.

Mistakes you should definitely avoid when taking care of your hair

Nobody wants to have brittle, dry or breaking hair. No matter what your hare may look like, whether long or short, light or dark, or thin or fat. Healthy hair is essential for all hair types and an absolute priority. To our surprise, our daily hair care rituals often actually cause hair damage, but they should prevent it. NaturLex has put together the most important and common hair care mistakes exclusively for you.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

You've probably heard that 100 brush strokes a day is good for the hair, as the oil that is at the base of the hair is then distributed throughout the hair, making it shiny. An absolute myth. In fact, excessive hair brushing can cause damage to your hair. Especially when your hair is still wet, it has more elasticity and therefore breaks more easily when handled roughly. It is better to detangle your hair carefully after showering, using only a wide-toothed comb to prevent damage.

Conventional hair ties pull on our scalp and our hair cuticle. Therefore, hair often falls out when we untie the hair tie from our hair after a long day. To avoid this, NaturLex recommends that you wear your hair down more often so that it is less likely to be pulled. Since you can't or don't want to wear your hair open in every situation, if you use a hair tie, you should choose a gentle one that doesn't pull on your hair but only holds it together. The appearance of these hair ties is usually reminiscent of almost forgotten telephone cords.

It's no longer a secret that daily blow drying isn't good for your hair, but does that mean you have to always let your hair air dry from now on? No, certainly not. You just need to learn how to dry your hair properly and as gently as possible. Let your hair air dry about 75 percent before you start blow-drying your hair. Make sure the blow dryer doesn't touch your hair, use the blow dryer on the lower heat settings and ALWAYS use a heat protectant.

How often you wash your hair depends on your hair type. If you have oily hair, it's okay to wash your hair daily, while dry hair will do just fine with a weekly shampoo. Find out how often your hair can tolerate or need a wash. Then wash your hair neither much more often nor less often.

Trimming the ends of your hair regularly makes your hair grow better and healthier. Regular cutting of the hair prevents hair damage such as split ends from migrating up the entire length of hair. NaturLex therefore recommends trimming the hair regularly every six to eight weeks in order to maintain a beautiful head of hair.

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