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Aloe Vera Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Every day when you leave the house you come into contact with bacteria, germs and viruses. In public transport, you and thousands of others hold onto one and the same handrail. In the supermarket, touch the handle of the shopping cart or shopping basket. Even playgrounds where small and sensitive children play are full of bacteria, viruses and germs. When we touch them on our hands, nothing happens at first. It only becomes tricky when the potential pathogens reach our mucous membranes.

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But how do the pathogens get from our hands to our mucous membranes??

Very easily. We touch our face almost 16 times an hour, that's more than 370 times a day. Now think about it: If you are so often in the face, whether it is to brush a hair off your face or rub your eyes, because you are tired, everything you have on your hands will go up transferred her face. In the case of many bacteria, viruses and germs, this is hardly a problem in a healthy body with an intact immune system, as our body is quite hard to damage and can destroy many potential pathogens.

What to do against the pathogens against which the body does not arrive?

Unfortunately, the body can not fight off all viruses, bacteria and germs. Even a healthy body, some pathogens are just too strong or too much. This often leads to a cold, a flu or something similar. To prevent unpleasant diseases and to avoid as much as possible, you have to go to the source. Since it is not really possible to clean the whole world, we have to be careful to keep our hands as clean as possible. Because if our hands carry significantly fewer pathogens to our face and thus to our mucous membranes, the risk that we are significantly lower due to this disease.

What's the best way to keep our hands clean??

Regular hand washing with a hand soap can rid the hands of most of the bacteria, viruses and germs. But please follow the NaturLex tip that you'll dry your hands neatly after washing your hands and not just lightly dab them off to keep your skin moist. The hands are a warm place. If this warm place remains moist for a longer period of time, it promotes the formation and especially the multiplication of said pathogens. An improper drying of hands after washing hands could therefore have a counterproductive effect.

Just wash your hands with water - that's enough?

No, washing your hands with just water is not enough, as it only removes coarse dirt, but unfortunately not the possible pathogens. To thoroughly clean your hands, you should definitely use a hand soap every wash. The Forever Aloe Vera Hand Soap not only frees the skin from bacteria and germs and viruses, but it has many more benefits. One advantage is that the aloe hand soap does not dry out the skin, thanks to the aloe vera, but on the contrary moisturizes and at the same time it is mild to the skin. Therefore, people of all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, can use this aloe vera soap. But the Forever Aloe Vera Hand Soap can do more than just wash your hands. The Aloe Vera soap can alternatively be used as a make-up remover or for shaving the face, as well as the entire body, such as the legs. Even in the kitchen, this soap finds its place, because with ingredients such as lemon oil combined with natural chamomile, the soap can even significantly reduce or even completely eliminate kitchen odors.

How should I wash my hands on the way??

But most people are not at home the whole day and do not always have the opportunity to wash their hands regularly with soap at work. How do you keep your hands clean on the way? NaturLex will help you here. On the way you can simply use the Forever Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera to get your hands on regularly clean. Give yourself a hazelnut-sized amount to your palm whenever you want or feel you need it, and distribute it thoroughly, just like traditional hand creams. For your own protection, you should only use the hand sanitiser externally as it may cause irritation. With its handy size of just under 60 milliliters, the Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer fits in almost every lady's handbag and certainly in most men's trouser pockets. Also, the Forever disinfectant for the hands does not dry out, thanks to the aloe vera, but also cares for the hands when cleaning.

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