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Aloe Vera Shaving & Beard Care

Aloe Vera product for shaving and beard care

Men also place increasing emphasis on beard care, their hair and their body care. Then using the partner's body care products does not make much sense here due to the different skin composition. In contrast to women's skin, men's skin has more sebum glands. The skin of men is also 30 percent thicker. Because of the higher fat content in men's skin, it doesn't dry out as quickly as it does in women. These differences arise from the hormones. In the male hormones testosterone, the sebaceous glands produce up to a third more skin fat. For men, therefore, when it comes to beard care and thus shaving, it is necessary to use special men care that can also meet the individual needs of men.

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A well-groomed bar also needs a well-groomed face

In order for a beard to look well groomed, it is first necessary for a man with a beard to invest some time in his facial care. There are also face creams especially for men, with the help of which beard care can then be combined with skin care. There is also the possibility to make your own facial care with the help of aloe vera gel and with the help of a few drops of tea tree oil. Such measures must then be carried out before an appropriate shave. Aloe Vera then moisturizes the skin of the man and the growth of the hair is promoted with the help of the tea tree oil that is also used. Dry skin in men is very sensitive, especially in the beard area and therefore shaving can cause irritation. Such beard care with the help of aloe vera helps to keep the skin moist and also prevents inflamed hair roots and ingrown hair. It also has a positive effect on skin irritation when shaving. Such a facial cream also helps if there are problems with beard care with an itch in the whiskers. This itching occurs in part when there is a lack of moisture. That is why the use of aloe vera makes sense here. Just like the scalp, the skin around the beard roots is sensitive. This then leads to irritation when shaving. It is also important in this context that a full beard is brushed regularly, because whiskers that are out of shape can also irritate the skin. When the beard is brushed, the hair roots are stimulated and the hair then grows.

The good radiance of the beard

A beard then looks good and has a corresponding charisma if it is kept in shape. The trim attachment is suitable for shaving with the help of an electric razor. Here the different types of trim are offered, starting from a fine to a coarse version, and you can then choose the appropriate shape depending on the style of the beard. Unclean contours are much more noticeable on the face than is the case at the bottom of a full beard. It is therefore advisable to get the beard growth and the length of the beard into shape about once a week.

Beard hygiene

Beard hygiene is also important for a perfect beard. The longer such a beard is, the more bacteria and dirt can accumulate in it. Different germs and microbes can frolic in a long beard. Many men touch themselves in the face at short intervals and therefore bring germs with them. That is why sensible beard care and hygiene is the highest principle in order to counteract and prevent this germ formation. A good beard shampoo should be used here, because the use of a normal shower gel removes moisture from the whiskers. The addition with aloe vera also helps here. As a rule, depending on the length, the beard should be washed every 2 to 3 days. Washing the face too often can also dry it out. However, as soon as the beard looks neglected, you should intervene with appropriate beard hygiene. After washing the beard, it should be dried a little. Depending on the existing beard hair length, the use of a beard brush or a beard comb is also necessary. This then untangles the whiskers and promotes blood circulation. There is also an even distribution of hair in the beard. In addition, it is important for a cash carrier to wash their hands regularly. The reason for this is that most microbes and bacteria get into the beard through an unwashed hand. Driving through the beard is pleasant for the beard wearer, but a problem for beard hygiene.

Beard Oil

A beard has to endure a lot throughout the year. The sun shines directly on the beard in summer and in winter the beard is also affected by snow and cold. The beard is also confronted with leftovers and liquids. With the help of a beard oil, which can also contain aloe vera, the hair is protected from external influences and such oil contains valuable substances. The oil also gives the beard a certain shine and the oil also ensures that the beard remains healthy. A beard oil contains a mixture of different oils. This includes, for example, aloe vera. The composition, which oils are contained there, depends on the manufacturer as well as the respective beard oil. However, the most important components here are the carrier oils and the essential oils. When using a beard oil, the cash bearers have their own techniques when it comes to distributing the oil on the beard. In principle, however, it should be ensured before the spreading action that the beard is clean and that the facial skin has been cleaned beforehand. The beard should also be dry. After that, a little of the oil should be spread on the palm and spread on the hands. The next step is a massaging process. Here, as already mentioned, each cash carrier has a different approach. Some carriers massage the oil back and forth and others try it from the roots to the tips. However, the oil should be spread over the entire length of the hair. Then the beard is carefully combed again with a comb or a beard brush. This distributes the oil better. Finally, the beard is then brought into a beautiful shape.

Additional information about beard care

In some places the beard is fuller than in other places. A dense and regular beard growth is much nicer than when there is "wild growth". Here, so that a corresponding basic framework is available, a hairdresser may then first of all give appropriate assistance so that you can then properly care for the beard on this basis.

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