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FAQ - General help to Aloe Vera products

Entering and Submitting your Order

How to order in our Shop?

The six steps of the uncomplicated online order are described in detail here.

I can not log in, I do not have login data for the shop. I have lost or forgotten my password.

You can request a new password from us, if you have already registered in our shop. Please visit forgot-password and request a new password.
Alternatively, you can order even without registration (option 1) in our website, add your items at basket and select "Purchase without Registration" or just as a new customer by select "Open personal customer account."(Option 3)!
Due to data protection we don't have the login information of our old stores in our new system. If you have an old login access, please sign up here again on the left under "LOGIN".

A few hours ago I have submited my order and get no e-mail from your system until now. What is the reason?

Our system is available for 99.9%. If you do not received an automatic e-mail to your correct e-mail address after one hour from our system, then it may be in your SPAM folder , or something wrong with your email Address.
Please note that confusion of any character in an e-mail address, eg. As point instead hyphen, the e-mail you can not be delivered because the address is invalid or belongs to someone else. Possible reasons for don't send confirmation e-mail can be e.g. :

  • the e-mail address is not valid or wrong
  • your mailbox is full
  • the email is not yet arrived (for example, T-Online takes the service sometimes a little longer)
  • the email was filtered out as spam (very common in WEB.de) and may be automatically deleted
If you've checked everything and the email can not be found, please enter your order again in our system and explain briefly the comments section after entering your address of the facts.

Hint: The upper and lower case is generally irrelevant in the e-mail address and are not case sensitive!

During an order I have accidentally given incorrect e-mail address, what should I do now?

In this case, please order again in our Shop and explain briefly the comments section after entering your address of the facts.

Shipping and Abroad

What will cost me 5x product X and what are the shipping costs?

Enter the desired product to the cart. The price and the shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the product amounts and its total weight.

What does the shipping cost to Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, etc.?

Enter the desired product to the cart. The price and the shipping costs are calculated automatically
the article whose weight and the delivery address (country).
Please check Payment and Shipping

How many days require for processing and delivery of the goods within Germany?

Immediately available items are shipped within 1-3 days. We recommend the execution immediate transfer. In this case your payment immediately recognized as receiving the money or consequently receive your confirmation, we deliveried your marked articles immediately.

How many days require for processing and delivery of the goods to neighboring European countries?

Immediately available items are shipped within 2-5 days.

Please check Payment and Shipping

How does the goods shipped?

We ship all packages with DHL.
During the daytime not be found and may even your neighbor is not the shipment accept for you, we will ship by default with Deutsche Post / DHL, Something you may not be at home during daytime and your neighbor might not be received the shipment on behalf of you. We shipped by default with Deutsche Post / DHL, so if you are not at home, the goods can pick up at your near post office. Please note that the shipping can take a little longer.

After receipt of payment we will automatically send you the tracking number of your shipment, so that you can follow your shipment in our service page.Package tracking. Please refrain from telephone inquiries. Thank you! Various products are delivered by freight carrier. We select for you the fastest and cheapest shipper.

How can I get the value added tax(VAT) refunded from my abroad shipping?

Deliveries leaving Germany are
In Germany, sales tax according to Section 4 no. 1a i.V.m §6a UStG or
VAT-exempt in Germany according to Section 4 no. 1b i.V.m §6a UStG.
If you are an EU member and have a company with sales tax ID number, or if you live outside the EU, you need not to pay German VAT!
For deliveries to non-EU countries additional duties, taxes and fees. For more information on tariffs, see for example hier and import turnover taxhier and especially for Switzerland here.
If you have a valid intra-EU VAT registration numbers, please enter it in your address data.

Do you deliver to private customers?

Yes, we provide private and corporate customers. Please use our online shop for a quick settlement!


What are the advantages of the for payment in advance?

A price advantage as discount still is withdrawn at the store!

Where can I find Shop bank and account information?

Immediately after submitting your order you will receive a detailed email with all relevant data, the bank and account informations. If it is not happened, the email is sent to your SPAM filter or your e-mail address is not correct!

How can I pay?

The following payment options are available.
You can find the respective costs here.
- prepayment
- on delivery
- by Sofortüberweisung
- via PayPal
- purchase on invoice via PayPal (possible without a PaypPal Konto)
- by credit card
- via GiroPay
- by direct debit
- cash


Which email address should I contact if ...

In order not to complicate our work by SPAM messages, we periodically change our e-mail addresses. You can contact us by e-mail to anytime.

To whom can I contact if I have questions about a supplied product?

You can contact us by e-mail to anytime. In urgent cases you can reach us via our telephone hotline 0711 9970 9595;
Or to the specially specified product service code of the producer.