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Aloe Vera Facial Masks

NaturLex Forever Living facial masks have an immediate effect due to their high-quality aloe vera, they not only increase the noticeable moisture but also have a very soothing effect onto the skin. In addition, they support the natural skin functions. Thus, spoil your face with the rich combinations of minerals and moisture, which are contained in the Forever Aloe Vera face masks. So treat yourself to a little break and your skin the special freshness kick!

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FAQ / Häufig gestellte Fragen

Face Masks will help your skin in various ways. The masks protect your skin from the negative effects of the environment, such as fine dust, sun rays or make-up. Signs of stress and also the aging of the skin can be visibly reduced when used properly and regularly. In addition, a face mask provides your skin with valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your skin needs to look youthful, healthy and full-bodied. Many of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are urgently needed for the facial skin can not be adequately absorbed through the diet. Therefore, a nourishing mask is absolutely helpful when it comes to delivering these valuable substances to and, above all, to our skin. Once or twice a week you should use a nourishing mask to get an effective effect. Make sure that the ingredients of each mask are perfectly tailored to your skin, your skin type and also your skin problems in order to achieve the best possible result.


Once or twice, experts recommend the use of masks on the facial skin per week. Ideally, wear the mask on a day off, for most people this weekend. Because you can conjure up a whole spa experience from the simple mask, which usually has to stay on the skin for between ten and thirty minutes. Take as much time as you like, or how you can free in your hectic everyday life. Whether this is thirty minutes or even two to three hours is entirely up to you and your circumstances. Of course, how you design the relaxed break depends on your options and also on your personal and individual preferences. Have a nice hot bath especially in winter. Add some essential oils, particularly soothing soaps or shower gels, or any other bath product that you like in the best 36 ° C hot water, so that all your senses are pampered. You can also just take a foot bath to get a similarly relaxing effect without having to dive completely. Just fill a foot tub with hot water and essential oils or similar, apply a nourishing and soothing facial mask and take a book, your favorite magazine or old love letters. No matter what you prefer to relax. In your time off, however, avoid the television, newsletters or even work. Enjoy the time even without the technical overstimulation and without much thought. Just turn off time to recharge your batteries. If you have more than one time a week for a mask - it does not always have to be such a spa experience - it is recommended to use a facial mask a second time after three to four days, ie in the middle of the week.

Aloe bio-cellulose mask

The cloth mask with pure aloe vera gel is suitable for almost every skin condition. The perfume-free cloth mask is very simple in use and also no annoying washing off is necessary because any excess product can simply be massaged into the skin at the end. The Bio Cellulose Mask rejuvenates pale-looking skin, as the moisture penetrates into the deeper skin layers and reveals a supple skin for a radiant complexion after application. It creates a double supply of sensitive facial skin through a high-quality serum and special mask fibers. With ingredients such as horse chestnut, green tea extract, seaweed and various antioxidants, the skin calms and reduces the appearance of redness on the face.

Sonya refining gel mask

With 43% pure aloe vera gel, this mask supports impure combination skin and thus promotes a pure skin tone without any color disorders in the appearance. The variety of herbal ingredients and moisturisers, such as apple fruit and clover extract, will provide your skin with a literal beauty sleep and help stimulate natural regeneration of the skin. The balance of the skin is restored by regulating the fat balance.

Mask Powder

This extremely fine powder consists of valuable ingredients such as protein, kaolin, white clay and chamomile. In connection with the Aloe Activator you will get one Facial mask that is applied to the skin as usual. Over time, the surface of the mask dries, interrupting the supply of oxygen to the facial skin for a short time. This effect leads to an osmotic pressure in the skin, which stimulates the metabolism of the skin. Thanks to this process, the skin in your very own beauty salon, at your home, noticeably tightened and pores cleaned.

Your favorite mask

Just try out some of the masks and decide on your personal test winner, which you would also like to recommend to your family, friends and above all your best friend. In order for other customers to benefit from your experience, we kindly ask you to submit a short review and feedback on previously ordered products. Share with others how much you have convinced the product and why you want to buy it over and over again. Do you want to convince a family member, a friend or a friend yourself? Then just give away one of the masks for your birthday, for Christmas, for Easter or for a completely different special occasion, so that others can have a beautiful, supple and youthful radiant skin.

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