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Aloe Vera cleansing & peeling

Aloe vera peeling & cleaning

The desert plant Aloe Vera has many vital substances that can be used to care for the skin, hair and body. The many vitamins and vital substances from the aloe plant are particularly suitable for cleaning the skin. The plant comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is used as a medicinal plant in many areas of the world. The aloe vera plant contains fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.

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Skin care with aloe vera

The aloe vera gel is very suitable for skin care and cleaning. Aloe vera makes tight skin supple, can promote blood circulation and increases the production of elastic fibers of the connective tissue. In addition, the aloe plant can act as an anti-aging agent, since the ingredients can delay wrinkling. Aloe is also effective against burns, allergic reactions, scalds and ulcers.

What is an aloe vera peeling for?

The aloe vera peeling works particularly well against impure skin and blackheads. The aloe can moisturize the skin. At the same time, the skin is cared for. The peeling also contains jojoba oil. Impurities on the skin are ground down and keratinized skin cells can be removed. At the same time, blood circulation to the skin is stimulated and the elasticity of the connective tissue improves. Before the skin can be cleaned with a peeling, the skin must first be freed of dirt and make-up residues. Only when the skin has been adequately cleaned the care products can be absorbed accordingly and develop their effect on the skin surface.

The peeling is applied gently to the skin of the face and massaged in with circular movements. However, the eye area should be excluded. A face mask made of aloe vera gel also helps against blemished skin. The mixture is applied to the face and then has to soak in for a quarter of an hour. The mask is then washed off with lukewarm water. An aloe vera peeling can moisturize the skin, make the skin smoother and softer and should revitalize the skin.

Care products with the ingredient aloe vera

Sonya™ refreshing gel cleanser FLP605, 118ml

This aloe cleansing gel provides moisture in the skin and has a calming effect at the same time. The combination skin is cleaned and dead skin flakes, make-up residues or impurities can be removed. The skin cleanser consists of 39% natural aloe vera gel. The gel contains apple amino acids and hydroxyacetophenones. As a result, the cleaner is foamed and every combination skin can be optimally cleaned. An acacia fruit extract is also contained in the cleaning gel. The gel should be applied twice a day in the morning and evening to the neck and face for cleaning and then washed off with warm water. The product should not get into the hands of small children. In addition, the Aloe Vera refreshing gel cleanser also contains cold-pressed baobab oil, which contains many unsaturated fatty acids. This oil comes from the trees of life in Senegal. The entire tube contains 118 ml.

Aloe Vera Refreshing Toner 279, non-alcoholic, 177 ml

This aloe facial toner belongs to the Sonya skin care series "Sonya Skin Care Collection". It ensures good skin moisture. This toner is used after the face has been cleaned with a cleanser. This gives the skin a fresh and smooth feeling. The facial toner is non-alcoholic and contains an extract from white tea. This protects the skin from all environmental influences. The aloe vera gel provides the skin with nourishing nutrients. It contains hyaloronic acid, which can prevent the skin from drying out. Especially on hot summer days, this toner is also a pleasant, fragrant refreshment. The toner is applied to clean skin. You should use the cleanser first and then the toner in the morning and evening. The toner contains 177 ml of facial toner.

Smoothing Exfoliator, 559 60 ml, smoothes the complexion

This smoothing exfoliator supports the body in removing the dead skin cells from the skin. The human body rejects about 30-40,000 skin cells every day and can use support for this. The contained jojoba pearls and the bamboo powder can support the skin in the cleaning process. The essential lemon oil, papain, aloe vera and bromelain help the skin to regenerate. This smoothing exfoliator provides the skin with antioxidants, which benefits daily facial care. One bottle contains 60 ml of exfoliator.

Aloe Avocado Face & Body Soap 284, 142 g

The aloe avocado face soap cleanses the skin in a gentle and pleasant way. The wonderful fragrance of the soap consists of the essential oils of lemongrass and avocado. This soap provides the skin with sufficient moisture and cleanses the skin on the face and all over the body. The avocado oil is particularly suitable for protecting the skin from drying out. There are many phytosterols in the oil of the soap, which ensure that the skin remains beautifully supple. Vitamins A, B, D and E provide moisture and support the skin even more.

The high number of antioxidants can protect the skin from harmful environmental influences. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and makes the skin supple. The Avocado Face & Body Soap is well suited for all skin types. It works on oily skin as well as on dry and sensitive skin. The soap can also moisturize after a bath. The soap cleanses the skin deep into the pores without causing irritation. It can nourish dry, sensitive skin and provide long-lasting moisture. The soap improves the complexion regardless of what type of skin you are. In addition, it leaves the skin feeling fresh for a long time. The addition of lemongrass creates a pleasantly fresh fragrance.

This soap weighs 412 g and contains no animal ingredients. The soap is foamed with water, the skin is cleaned with it, and then the soap foam is rinsed off with plenty of clear water.

Aloe Vera Peeling face, body Jojobaoil, Scrub 238, 99 g

The aloe vera peeling is particularly suitable for cleaning the facial skin. The skin receives a thorough deep cleansing. Exfoliate the face and body once a week. The aloe vera peeling contains microspheres made from jojoba oil and other mild cleansing substances that ensure thorough cleansing of the facial skin. Impurities on the skin are sanded off and skin cells that have become keratinized can be removed.

The aloe vera peeling basically contains natural substances that have no drying effects, such as synthetic cleaners. The elasticity of the connective tissue improves and blood circulation to the skin is stimulated. The skin becomes softer and more supple overall. With a toothbrush you can also perform a pleasant lip peeling. This aloe vera peeling contains no ingredients from animal origin. The content of the tube is 99 g.

It is very easy to apply facial peeling. You should lather a portion of aloe vera peeling the size of a walnut with water, apply it to damp skin and massage it in gently. However, the eye area must be left out. Then the face should be thoroughly cleaned with water and all remnants of the peeling should be removed.

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